Build A Brand with Rosie Parsons

How to cross giving a TED talk off your bucket list with Erica Farmer

February 09, 2023 Rosie Parsons Season 1 Episode 10
Build A Brand with Rosie Parsons
How to cross giving a TED talk off your bucket list with Erica Farmer
Show Notes

If you’ve ever watched a TED talk and secretly wished that you could stand on the red dot one day, then this episode is for you. Delivering a TED talk can attract clients to your business and elevate your personal brand. The best part is that you don’t have to have any prior public speaking experience - all you need is an idea worth sharing. 

Erica Farmer, Director of Quantum Rise Talent Group, reveals her experience becoming a TEDx speaker for the first time and shares tips for how to get selected as a speaker, how to structure your talk, and how to make sure you remember what you need to say when you’re in front of an audience. 

“The confidence that you present with, how you articulate, your passion are just as important as the actual message that you are saying…probably more important actually. So you don't have to be a speaker, but you do have to put the hard yards in with the scripting and the practice.”

What we discussed

(00:00) What’s a TED talk? 

(01:35) Why do a TED talk? OR Should you do a TED talk?

(05:29) TEDx vs. traditional public speaking: what’s the difference? OR Do you need speaking experience to do a TED talk?

(08:18) Memorize THIS before your TED talk  

(10:43) How to pick a TED venue OR Which TEDx should you speak at?

(13:11) How to apply to speak at TEDx OR How to get selected for a TED talk 

(17:45) Removing your stage fright 

(19:08) Benefits of giving a TED talk

(20:41) Lessons from being a TED speaker OR What not to do in a TED talk 

(22:18) Erica’s other big goals 

(23:50) Imposter syndrome and TED talks



3 tips to make online visibility easier (tune in for more tips):

  1. Structure of a TED talk: (1) problem (2) reasons/evidence why it’s a problem (3) build up to the solution/idea worth sharing 
  2. It’s not your script that you need to memorize, it’s your outline. This way, if you panic on stage you still remember the key points you need to cover in your delivery. Have 5-6 key points prepared. Remember, only you know whether you’re following your script or not - the audience doesn’t, so go easy on yourself. Get out of your own head. 
  3. Record your TED talk and listen to it on a loop, that’s how you remember song lyrics from time ago…and that’s how you’ll remember your talk. 


TEDx Scunthorpe 

Apply to be selected as a TEDx speaker: 

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